Day Three – Call 911!


Somebody call 911.  My 60 year old body is rebelling today.  I had to make an unplanned trip to the chiropractor this morning.  For the record, my sacroiliac joint (did I spell that right) locked, causing severe muscle spasms in my lower back.  Thank God for “Complete Chiropractic Health’ in Cranberry Township and Dr. Eric.  I’m good to go for another 100,000 miles.

Today was an exercise in the fine art of packing.  The easy stuff is done and now it’s time to figure out how to pack those 20 lawn chairs that somehow ended up in the garden shed.  First we had to remove the residue from the psychopathic squirrel that ravaged the shed.  Yuck!  Squirrel mess cleared, shed packed and on to the next task.

Many thanks for the prayers.  Weather report is still good for a moving day on Thursday.  God help us.  Nana took the grand kids to a movie and dinner at “Fun for All” this evening.  How she musters the energy to deal with those three wild dogs is beyond me.  After 38 years of marriage I continue to be amazed by her tenacity and energy.  It’s not like Linda is a ball of energy.  She just digs down deep to pull it out.  Amazing woman!

Tomorrow looks like more creative packing…trying to figure out how to ship those odd remaining items.  Hoping to finish up in time to enjoy a bit of relaxation time in the evening.  I must be hallucinating!

God is good!  All of the “to do” lists seem to be getting shorter.  Dreading saying goodbye to “the Burgh,” but at the same time looking forward to seeing Sioux Falls for the first time.  I hope it lives up to the expectations our daughter and son-in-law have cultivated.

I’m beginning to realize that writing a daily blog entry isn’t so easy.  Where is my muse?

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  1. Dear Zach et al,
    Glad that your back is working again… Do hope you get a bit of down time before you are on-the-road. It is so awesome to have such a close knit family and a very special Nana who is so integral in your family… WOW! Prayers and blessings and a great hedge of angels surrounding you all every step of the way, both here and on the way. Hope and gratitude are such a gift!


  2. Posted by Kimberly Lackatos on November 4, 2015 at 4:07 pm


    Best of luck with the move and your new adventure.

    Your blogs are wonderful.

    God is looking after all of you.

    Safe travels!

    Kimberly A. Lackatos


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