Day Two – the Clock is Ticking!


Moving is hell on Earth.  By my count this is the 18th time that my wife Linda and I have relocated.  Most of those moves were courtesy of Uncle Sam and my Army career. Military moves are very structured and come with a great support system.  Civilian moves are much more difficult to manage.

Linda and I moved out of our condo about two weeks ago and have been living in a bedroom in the home of our daughter and son-in-law–the ones who are moving to Sioux Falls.  Into this single room we’ve crammed a queen size bed, desktop computer and desk, large screen TV, a chest of drawers, clothes stand, piles of boxes and the list continues.

Only two more prep days remain before the movers arrive and we still have so much to do. Three days remain before the house we’re living in closes. Timing is critical.  We’re praying for sunny weather on move out day and that the movers are on time and finish quickly.  God help us!  There are so many details to deal with.

Today was full of small victories–fuel and oil removed from a snow blower and a lawn mower.   We bubbled wrapped and boxed the power tools.  The garage is beginning to look manageable.  Sadly, almost everything inside is coated with a fine layer of dust from the new drywall ceiling that son-in-law Nate and I installed last week.  The dust seems endless.  There are countless bags of trash, much of it stuff accumulated over years of occupying the house…things that never get tossed because you’re afraid you might need them sometime.

Tonight we’re focusing on individual details of moving out of the house, things like beginning to pack suitcases and garment bags.  Energy levels are running low. Time to get the kids bathed and put to bed. On top of the moving work we still have to deal with the demands of three small boys, a large dog and an extroverted cat.  On Friday afternoon, after the closing on the house we’re leaving behind, we’ll pack the kids, animals and luggage into four cars and roll for Sioux Falls.  We’re going to have a convoy.  Yikes!

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  1. Thank God you are working as a “well-oiled” team… Keeping you’all in my prayers. Safe travels.


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