Love: A Gateway To The Soul

I enjoyed this so much. I’m a native of Harlan County, KY. You have to have been there to truly understand the level of poverty and desperation–words cannot describe. Many churches focus on overseas missions, which is wonderful, but the need is so great right here at home. One of the largest mission fields anywhere is the one right outside the doors of your home church!

Gardeners Touch

My first mission trip was in the heart of Kentucky. Harlan County is one of the poorest counties in the United States and I was joining a group on their 23rd year serving this wonderful community. I was assigned to an outreach group whose job it was to bring needed clothing, school, and cleaning supplies out into the different communities throughout the county.  The first two days were filled with several wonderful experiences.  Not only were we filling a need in people’s lives, but we were able to engage in prayer and conversation with this special community.  This kind of work was well within my comfort zone and I was filled with joy and thankfulness for the work I was given.  The next two days, a storm rolled in and our plans to set up our operation outside had to be adjusted.   We were asked to visit with the…

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  1. Posted by Fr Doug Blakelock on October 18, 2016 at 3:10 am

    Words of wisdom there!

    Thanks, Zack!

    Fr. Doug


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