Day Nine – Safe in Sioux Falls

Thanks be to God!  Our entire convoy arrived safe in Sioux falls around 3pm yesterday.  We’re settled into a nice hotel near the airport with a fantastic indoor water park that will help keep three grand-critters happy.  Today is closing day for Nate and Jenne’s house.  We’re praying that the wire transfer from Friday’s settlement from their home closing in Pennsylvania will be completed before closing at 1pm today.  Now come the move-in challenges.

Our 1,000+ mile drive was long but exciting.  It had been a long time since I visited the upper Midwest.  Things are so compact on the east coast, but everything along our route through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota was so wide open.  The agricultural might of our country is truly awesome. It makes me wonder how we as a society allow any American to go to bed hungry!

Western Iowa was particularly interesting, with hundreds of wind turbines generating electricity in the middle of cornfields and grass beef cattle grazing ranges.  I wish we could have stopped and made a video of the massive turbines that in some spots covered the horizon for 360 degrees.

Wind Turbines Wind Turbines 2

Having previously lived in Kansas, Oklahoma and Arizona I had seen big sky before, but I’d forgotten how beautiful it is.  We enjoyed a particularly beautiful, big sunset two evening ago as we trekked along I-90 west.

I really like the wide roads here and the 80MPH speed limit on the interstates is fantastic.

I can’t wait to get settled in and begin exploring.  Lots of work ahead though. Praying for strength and stamina!

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  1. PTL for your safe arrival and the wonders you saw along the way. Keeping you all in my prayers… Gratitude… a gift! Marcia


  2. Posted by Cindy Fleeson on December 14, 2015 at 7:40 pm

    Loved reading about the move and your perspective on it all. We will miss you so much, but I’m sure you’ll be enriching lives now in Sioux Falls. Have a blessed Christmas with your family, and please stay in touch!


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